You can check which areas we currently serve by entering your address on our home page
Simply head over to the book now page, Just insert your full name, postcode, choose an available time slot for pick-up/delivery and follow the onscreen instructions.
Although we are always trying to find ways of simplifying our service, for the moment you can only currently place an order via our website.
You will be happy to know that last month we have delivered 98.7% of all standard laundry and dry-cleaning within 48 hours. We will always do our best to let you know in time if you included items that require a longer time to process.
We pick-up and deliver everyday, from 10am to 9pm. Different times may depend on the area or availability. Please check for available times on our website.

Washing Information

Yes, please do. This will ensure everything will be processed as per your requirements. We advise to use a separate bag for each type of service you require (laundry, dry cleaning, ironing).
Your safety is very important to us and we would like to offer you the possibility of choosing between bio and non-bio detergent. Just make sure to select it when you place the order online, or simply ask the driver to write it down at collection.
Your items are handled with maximum care and up-to-date equipment. In the extremely rare case that a damage occurs, it will be covered by our insurance in accordance to our Terms and Conditions. Please have in mind that all claims must be made within 24 h
We pride ourselves with delivering a high quality service. However, if you are not completely satisfied, please let us know and we will wash your clothes again for free.
Absolutely. You may change the time slot, free of charge, if the request is made with minimum 2 hours before collection/delivery.

Your Order

Our agent will come to collect your items, at the time requested. If you do not have a bag available, our agent will provide one at arrival. We will make sure to leave a reusable bag at delivery, making it easy for you to prepare for your next order
There is no need to do that. Your bag will be weighed at the facility, with our professional scales. In case you would like to have an estimative weight at collection, please do not hesitate to ask our agent to check it for you.
Don’t worry. If you can not be reached by our driver, please contact customer support via live chat or at info@thelaundryclub.net to arrange a new collection/delivery. Please have in mind that a fee may be applicable.
Yes, of course. Our agents will be more than happy to add new items to your order, so please feel free to hand them all extra items, including washing instructions.


Yes. Your order history can be seen in the Orders section on the website, after you login.
You can simply add it in your account, in the “Account credits” section. Please have in mind that you can only use one voucher per order.
Your password can be found in your account section, under Personal Information. Just click the edit button, insert the new password and press Save.
Just head over to your account section, where you can either edit your main address, or just add a new one.