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Fashion is not something that exists only in dresses. It exists in people who are well dressed in clean crisp clothes. Therefore make your fashion statement with The Laundry Club!

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The way you dress and carry yourself sends a message to everyone around you. Your clothing and outward appearance shape assumptions about your personality, your education level, your individuality and the type of person you are.




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Dry Cleaning & Laundry to Your Door

Let us take the load off your hands

With just 24 hours in a day, why spend time doing laundry or making endless trips to the dry cleaners? We provide an innovative solution to traditional dry cleaning and laundry service that helps you make time for what matters most in life.

Wash & Dry

Wash and dry laundry, accessed through our Laundry service, is a convenient way for those who don’t have a washing machine or dryer at their home, as well as those that lack the time, to tackle laundry chores.


you should wash your bed duvet once every three months. Since the average person loses over a litre of moisture during their sleep, this is left behind in your bedding and duvet. Therefore, regular cleaning is important to maintain the overall hygiene of

Dry Cleaning

The Laundry Club will pick-up, clean and deliver your dry clean items to your home in as little as 48 hours! So, if you're looking for a quality dry cleaners, Birmingham - we have your answer. We've all done it, but now there's an even easier way - we're


The Laundry Club provides a premium ironing service with our Ironed Laundry service. You can wave goodbye to Sundays spent washing & ironing for the coming week!

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