How It Works

  • Step One


    Select your preferred time slot.
    We pick up and deliver at convenient times for you - that includes late evenings and weekends, helping you to get the best out of our service.

  • Step Two


    We bring personalised bags to put all your clothes for washing, ironing and dry cleaning.
    Our scout will ask you a few questions and take note of your preferences. That's it. We will handle it from here.

  • Step Three


    Our expert cleaners do their best to make your clothes look great and feel fresh.
    We separate by color or wash them mixed, depending on what you requested. Once it's done, we pack the clothes in a bag for you.
    If you asked for ironing or dry cleaning, your clothes come conveniently hanged in one of our custom made bags, or folded if you prefer.

  • Step Four


    Within 48 hours, our scout delivers your laundry fresh and ready for action.
    Now you can enjoy clean clothes returned to you while you saved extra time, letting us do all that hard work. As a bonus, you can keep our bags for a quicker service next time.

Have more questions?

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